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MPNCA Filming Guidelines


(Revised May 2022)

The Mt. Paran Northside (MPN) neighborhood values neighbors, beauty, and security. The MPN community looks forward to welcoming film industry personnel as guests when filming on location and strives to make the filming production a positive experience for both production personnel and residents of the MPN community.

The Mt. Paran-Northside Citizens Association (MPNCA) is an active neighborhood organization, representing approximately 1,200 households in northwest Atlanta. The MPNCA provides its residents a voice in matters of peace, security and the orderly well-being of the neighborhood. The MPNCA recognizes and welcomes the positive economic impact of feature, television and commercial production and we cooperate with the City of Atlanta Office of Entertainment (COA) to ensure meaningful consideration is given to the best practices for productions filmed within the MPN geographic area in an effort to make filming run smoothly for all involved.

In order to facilitate these efforts, you will find the Resident “Good Neighbor” Film Guidelines set forth below. It is important for residents and merchants within MPN to review and understand these guidelines prior to any film production taking place. Additionally, the Film Production Company Guidelines and Donation Information set forth below should be reviewed and adhered to by all applicable filming entities and their personnel.

The MPNCA boundaries are shown on the map below and include the following streets:

Northside Drive on the East

I – 75 on the West

Nancy Creek on the South and

Long Island Creek on the North


Mt. Paran~Northside Citizens Association
P.O. Box  725064
Atlanta, GA 31139


The Mt. Paran~Northside Citizens Association is a 501(c)4 non-profit organization. 

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